I've been making tiny and detailed pencil drawings since I was little, and I've been collecting old and discarded things, like damaged books and aged wood, since I was just a bit older than that. Much of the time since has been spent trying to come up with ways to combine these 2 loves, preferably in a more clean and graphic way, and less in an old-lady-hoarder kind of way. My current collage work might finally be the happy medium.


My design work has spawned from a love of arranging and rearranging graphic components to find that sweet spot between the simple and the detailed, and the nostalgic and the modern. Working closely with a client to understand and crystalize their vision, has proven to be the perfect creative puzzle for me - inspiring and challenging, with the reward of a happy client at completion. 


Contact me at brenda@brendarose.com to purchase artwork, commission pieces, discuss projects, or request a quote.